Useful Dinner Party Chat - Facts about olive oil: No 1

Posted by Glenys Rowe on

The size of olive crops changes dramatically from year to year.

Olive trees are alternate-bearing, meaning they produce an abundant crop one year and then produce a crop of about half the size the following year. 

Also, if we don't prune each year, we don't get olives the next year.  It's that simple.

And if we don't get rain at the right time each season, we don't get oil at all

The olives will still grow, but they grow to a puny size and lack 'juice'- in other words, oil.  Tasmanian honey suffers the same fate from lack of rain as well.  The flowers on the tree lack the nectar that the bees need to make honey. Oh yes, without rain, a farmers lot is not always an happy one..

Now is the time to stock up on Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil and honey, because the drought in Tasmania is really affecting the quantity of oil we can make.

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