The Glenys Rowe Fact No 3 About Our Delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The International Olive Oil Council defines Extra Virgin Olive Oil as having no more than 0.8% free fatty acid level, and most Tasmanian EVOO’s, like Truly Tasmanian's have a free fatty acid level of 0.3%, 4 times better than the IOC standard. 

The European oils are allowed to call their oil Extra Virgin even if there is only 35% actual extra virgin olive oil in the bottle!  Not like us.  Every drop in your Truly Tasmanian olive oil bottle is 100% pure, first pressed extra virgin olive oil.

And it doesn't just taste good, it's actually doing you good too. Reward your heart today! Try our new Barnea variety!  It's just arrived. Fresh from the tree!  Not like the imported ones which might have been sitting on a supermarket warehouse shelf for two years, not to mention the boat ride over.  Fresh is best! More nutrients! More flavour! Get yours from me today.


Glenys Rowe

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