What do you wear to prune an olive grove in Tasmania in July?

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Dear Friends,

The pruning of the twenty year old Verdale olive trees is now finished.  It took us, the motley crew below, two whole days in Little Swanport's fine but what I call very cold conditions. 

Your motley crew are: Bill, retired school principal now gun olive grower and breeder , Kun Yi, retired obstetrician, now olive grower and exporter and Glenys, retired film producer now olive oil producer and distributor.  (By the way, go and See Mystify, the Michael Hutchence movie now screening in a cinema near you.  It's a gorgeous film, plus if it makes any money, some will find its way to me and I'll be able to plant more olive trees in gorgeous clean, green Tasmania.  Good for the nation!

We do look like a motley crew, but truly we really are very normal people just looking weird all dressed up against the cold, carrying weapons of mass destruction.  To stay warm for this days pruning, I wore:

1 x machine washable merino wool singlet, Hedrena brand, (marvellous),1 x woollen tights, 1 x woollen skivvy, Hedrena, again, and I don't even have shares in the company,1 x old fair isle jumper hand knitted in Patons Jet 12 ply1 x uniqlo sleeveless down vest1 x uniqlo lightweight down parka,1 x rabbit fur Russian hat that I once thought was too stupid to ever wear, but now is a STAR and 1 pair of wool twill trousers that the drizzle can't get through

 and to cap off this extreme fashion statement, big leather boots with a ripple sole so that I don't slide everywhere in the mud when the rain inevitably comes...

So your motley crew does a lot to stay warm in order to prune the trees to grow the most aromatic olives in order to make you The Best Olive Oil in the World!

You can get it here.

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